Financial advice for the other parts of your life, too.

While retirement planning and related investment strategies are primary concerns for many of our clients, we also provide advice and guidance on other topics including saving for college, insurance topics, and estate planning. Here’s a partial list of some of the questions we can help with:

  • I want to save for my children or grandchildren’s college education. What are the best vehicles for this?
  • How much should I be saving? And how do I balance this against my own retirement savings needs?
  • I’ve heard of 529 college saving plans? What are they and should I be using one? If so, which state’s plan makes the most sense?
Note: The Retirement Planning Specialists, LLC does not sell insurance; however, we do offer unbiased advice on matters related to insurance.

  • How much insurance should I have?
  • I think I’m paying too much for my insurance, but how can I tell?
  • I’ve heard about term insurance vs. whole life or universal life, but don’t completely understand the difference? What kind of insurance, if any, should I have?
  • Now that I’m retiring should I keep my current life insurance or let it lapse?
  • Should I be doing something with the cash value I have accumulated in my life insurance policy?
  • I’ve heard long term care insurance is really expensive. How does it work and does it really make sense for me?
  • If so, what’s the most cost-effective age to purchase long term care insurance?
  • There are so many options with long-term care policies – duration, inflation protection, and other riders. What’s right for MY situation?
  • Medicare Advantage/HMO, Medigap Supplement, Medicare parts A, B and D. It’s all so confusing! What do I need to know as I approach 65?
  • Should I pay down or pay off my mortgage now that I’m retired or retiring?
  • I am thinking about a second home. Will this fit into my retirement plan?
  • I am considering buying or selling a rental property and want to know how this would impact into my financial picture.
  • I would like to help my children or grandchildren financially. Can I afford to do this without hurting my own plan?
  • …and many, many more.