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Upsize, Downsize, or Just Right?
On average, younger American homeowners would like a bigger home. But older generations are more likely to prefer a home that’s about the same size or smaller.
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Growth, Value, or Both
The terms growth and value are often used to describe two different investment strategies, yet many investors may want both qualities in an investment.
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New Law Requires Notification of Medicare Observation Status
A new law effective August 6, 2016, requires hospitals to notify Medicare patients who are treated for more than 24 hours under observation status. The distinction between observation status, which is considered outpatient care, and inpatient status can make a big difference in the services that Medicare covers and a patient’s out-of-pocket costs.
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How Long Should You Keep Financial Records?
Many people struggle to organize financial paperwork, and it can be especially difficult to know what to keep and what to throw away. Here are some guidelines on how long to keep specific types of financial documents, including tax, investment, real estate, auto, insurance, and medical records.
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