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Unexpected Expenses
Nearly 40% of retirees found that their actual retirement expenses were higher than they expected when they first retired.
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Inheriting an IRA
IRS rules and regulations for inheriting retirement accounts are complex, and an uninformed decision could result in unexpected taxes and penalties. Understand the basic rules and distribution options for designated spouse and nonspouse beneficiaries, including special spousal options.
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Taxing Social Security Benefits
A recent study by the Social Security Administration projected that an average of 56% of households receiving Social Security benefits will owe federal income tax on some or all of their benefits during the period from 2015 to 2050.
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Junk or Gem? Understanding Bond Ratings
Bond ratings, a professional assessment of credit risk, are an essen­tial tool for fixed-income investors. Analyses and ratings are used by major credit-rating agencies to judge a bond’s financial condition and creditworthiness.
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