Retirement Planning Questions. Retirement Planning Answers.

For many people, retirement planning is issue #1. Concerns about Social Security, company pensions, and a volatile investment environment all add to the uncertainty. We simplify the complicated and help our clients ask and answer the right questions, using an evidence- and research-based framework for the important decisions each one must make.

At RPS, our typical retirement planning engagement starts with a thorough analysis of each client’s overall situation, with an emphasis on where they are relative to their retirement goals. For many clients, the answer is “right where I want to be”. For others, it may be “not quite on target yet”. If that’s the case, we can help figure out how to close that gap through improved savings plans, sharper portfolio management, and a review of other course corrections designed to put the plan back on target. We then review the plan on a periodic basis because retirement planning isn’t a one time thing. It’s an ongoing process focused on one thing: making sure our clients can retire in comfort and with peace of mind, knowing their plan is well-designed and well-implemented to support their long term goals.

Sound retirement planning — and the ongoing monitoring of each clients’ plan — can help ensure a secure and comfortable retirement. The following are some of the retirement-related questions we help our clients answer — and not just once but on an ongoing basis, addressing these issues — and others — as they arise.

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